Code: Dokken
Music: Dokken
Graphics: Dokken
Truly some of Dokken‘s finest work. The juggler page still blows my mind almost 15 years later. A must-see.

Electron‘s first major release after they retired in 1994.

This was the farewell demo from Electron, when they left the scene in 1994. Since then, they’ve released 3 more demos.

Electron‘s entry in the Driven 4K compo.

The logo motion on the first page is mesmerizing, and they follow this up with a vector scroller page featuring the green guy. The third page brings us a really inventive logo swing. This is followed by a vector page, and then the end credits.

A MASSIVE demo from Storm, there are officially 10 pages, a menu system, and an intro. There was also a hidden page, which has been included in the video.
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